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Entering studio grounds

To ensure security, we ask that you register at reception upon arrival.
We will issue you an entrance pass which should be carried with you at all times while inside the studio lot.
To facilitate processes, please contact us in advance.

Essential Notes

Set Construction
For set construction at TOHO STUDIOS, our group's construction company Toho Eizo Bijutsu Co.,Ltd. will undertake the work. However, if you wish to bring in your own production art work, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

Shooting on the lot
Please contact us with the details of the set in advance. We may ask you to change the location depending on the details of the shoot, or requested location. Also, as a courtesy to our neighboring residents, we restrict outdoor shooting within TOHO STUDIOS to between 8 and 22.

Cancellation Policies
For reserved stages, please note that we charge cancellation fees.
For other facilities in the studio, please ask for information.

Use of Fire and Hazardous Materials
When using fire, smoke, LP gas or other hazardous materials, you are required to report with fine details. As a basic rule, notifications must be sent to the fire department 5 days prior to the day of shoot. After the permit is granted, the fire departments may request an inspection to ensure security. If for any reason the permit is denied by the fire department, we may turn down your request to shoot on our grounds.
Please be sure to notify us upon reservation with plans of your shoot.

Stage Plans – PDF files

Please print out the PDF files of the floor plans on A3 size paper with original dimensions. All scales are specified on the plan.
(please be warned that depending on the size of the printed out plan, there may be slight difference in the scale)

About the tour of studio facilites

We are sorry, but we can't accept the tour of studio facilities. Thank you for your understanding.

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